No stumbling blocks:
These features solve everything!

No time for long e-mails. No overview in multi-hotel organisations. No solutions for MICE. All of these stumbling blocks are a thing of the past with Re:Guest. Thanks to sophisticated features, there is a quick solution for every problem.

Good for the guest,
good for you

You will love them: Re:Guest features have been developed to resolve your guest’s day-to-day or back office problems.

01 Connect


Connect facilitates data exchange with the PMS and the IBE.
02 Online check-in

Online check-in

Hotel check-in is made faster due to the data provided in advance. 
03 Credit card guarantee

Credit card guarantee

Your guests can save their credit card details, thus securing the booking. 
04 Waiting lists

Waiting lists

You can create waiting lists and respond immediately if there are any cancellations.
06 Rate system

Rate system

Re:Guest allows guests to select the rate from the offer themselves.
07 Multi-hotel


You can manage your hotel group or several hotels together.
Online Check-Out

Online check-out

No more waiting times at the reception: your guest can check out online. 
Online Zahlung

Online payment

Your guest can pay his bill online through various payment systems. 
Live Translator

Live Translator

An automatic translation feature in 6 languages makes your communication smooth.  

:Autopilot on.
 Stress off.

Workload halved, motivation doubled! Re:Guest takes on a lot of tasks for you. Without you having to do anything, your guests are taken care of before and after their stay, with important information and extra incentives. Great side effect: you stay in touch beyond the stay, improving guest loyalty.

Use every sales opportunity

Automated pre-stay messages surprise your guest with tailored additional offers and give you more sales success.
After your stay, your guest will provide you with feedback and you have the opportunity to invite them to return, helping you to retain customers.
Save time and attract guests

Save time and attract guests 

With Re:Guest, you only spend a fraction of the time on e-mails. That’s a promise. The software will take on all aspects of recurring tasks. For example, Re:Guest follows up on hesitant bookers, increasing the chance of completing a booking. 
Guest journey – Re:Guest as a tour guide

Guest journey – Re:Guest as a tour guide

Even before your guest begins their trip, they have completed the first stages of their guest journey. With automated pre-stay messages, Re:Guest closes the gap between deciding where to go and the stay itself. Your guest is kept well-informed at the right time and prepared for additional sales.
Use the positive, avoid the negative

Use the positive, avoid the negative 

After their stay, it’s your guest’s turn. An automatic e-mail will ask them to award stars for their stay. If they’re feeling generous, they’ll be invited to a review portal. If they weren’t that satisfied, they will be asked for reasons, which are only visible as a private message to you.
The best for everyone

The best for everyone 

Who doesn’t like a personal birthday greeting? With Re:Guest Birthday Messages, you’re guaranteed to earn bonus points from all of your guests. The design of the birthday messages is determined in advance and Re:Guest takes care of sending these out automatically.

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This is how you can improve room sales even more. 


Exciting offers: with Re:Guest, you’re creating each offer made-to-measure.

MICE offers

There is a lot of potential in the MICE sector, which you can exploit to the full with Re:Guest.

How it works 

More direct bookings: but how? Re:Guest links all the contact points with your guest so effectively that you will achieve a higher booking rate without having to do anything.