The first impression counts

Your website is a shop window. Don’t leave any detail to chance.  
The Re:Guest website gives you lots of new ways to present yourself on the Internet. Secure the presence you deserve and win people over from the very beginning. Surely you know that the first impression counts.  

:The intelligent

You can set the perfect scene for your strengths with the Re:Guest website. You can also tailor content to each individual visitor.
Pretty clever, right? 

What is so innovative about the Re:Guest website?

It’s intelligent

The Re:Guest website recognises your guest, addresses them personally and shows them content and offers based on their preferences.  

It’s based on a modular system

Each Re:Guest website can be easily put together using a module kit. All module elements have been fully designed for accommodation businesses.

It’s sales-oriented

Sales elements, like prices, rooms and offers, are optimally designed and integrated. Child’s play!

What options are there?


The website for small hotel structures that awakens emotions and increases your sales success.


The website for a high-class presentation of your hotel and professional room sales.  


The brand website with all the modules and features to get the best out of your room sales.


The Re:Guest website leaves behind a lasting impression. It is unique for several reasons: 

100% guest-oriented 

Well thought-out presentation goes hand in hand with the emotional appeal to guests. You introduce yourself and the guest is the focal point. 

100% sales-oriented 

Perfectly coordinated room, price and offer pages and sales-oriented landing pages are your guarantee for more online bookings.  

100% independent management 

Each member of reception staff can easily and quickly update or populate content and manage and expand the website using the integrated library. 

100% tried and tested 

20 years of experience in the tourism industry has shown us what’s important. The Re:Guest website combines all of our expertise. Use it, being ahead of the game is fun! 

100% Re:Guest

The website library is perfectly adapted to the layout of the Re:Guest offer. You stay close to the guest along the entire customer journey through the integrated Messenger.


Decide for yourself what puts you in the best light. The Re:Guest website offers you all of the ingredients for a unique presence.

Structured menu templates  

Clear and user-friendly instead of overcrowded and convoluted: useful menu templates ensure perfect navigation on your website. 

Multimedia theme platforms  

The theme platform is an attention-grabber, an emotional anchor and is key for that first impression. Get everything out of it with full-screen images, videos and the right words. 

Variable content blocks

Whether it’s an introduction, a teaser or a list: With variable Re:Guest content blocks, you can structure your content in a consistent, clear and reader-friendly way. 

Emotive photo gallery  

Awaken your guests’ curiosity and make them want to book with photos full of emotion. Your picture gallery often moves people more than a thousand words will!    

Sales-oriented landing pages  

Landing pages cannot be beaten when it comes to boosting sales, promoting specific time periods and supporting marketing campaigns. With Re:Guest, you’ll be able to create them easily, quickly and in a way that is always consistent with your look. 

Prices, rooms and offers

Rooms, prices and offers are quite simply the sales elements of your website. Re:Guest fine tunes them to maximise your room sales. 

Booking engine can be integrated  

You can integrate your booking engine on the Re:Guest website. An interface ensures that data is exchanged without any errors. 

Effective motivational triggers  

‘Book now for best rate’ or ‘Last room’ are classic motivational triggers. As an unmistakable call to action, they encourage your guest to act in the way you want. Use them on your website; they’re flexible and guaranteed to be effective. 

Inviting magazine 

People love stories, including your guests. Use clever storytelling in the magazine to captivate, entertain, move and convince.   

Interaction as a way to boost sales

Re:Guest Messenger, smart notifications, QuickAction, news box  


And one big result! We set up your website for you in five simple steps. In doing so we talk to you in person, and use tried-and-test methods and valuable data from the Re:Guest world. 

1. We analyse the actual position 

Website analysis

We look at the current website and get an initial understanding of the starting point and potential goals. 

SEO analysis

Your positioning in search engines is analysed in advance. This is how we recognise strengths, weaknesses and potential.  

2. We plan with you 

Get to know you

We get to know you and your hotel structure in an initial online workshop. 

Requirements and special features

You can share your special features and requirements with us so that we’re in the picture from the very beginning. 

Specific suggestions

We'll tell you how to best structure your content, ensuring the best navigation and usability.  

Website preview

We create an initial preview of the website based on our suggestions and your input.

Approval and next steps

After approving the structure and layout, we discuss how and when you supply us with the materials and briefings.  

3. We bring the website to life 

Navigation and structure

Website navigation and structure is set up. This means the foundations have been laid. 

Design alignment

The website library is aligned to your corporate design. This ensures consistency.  

Selection of elements

We select suitable elements for building your website together with you.

Link to Re:Guest

The website themes and your offer templates from Re:Guest Offers are aligned. 

Site set-up

We then set up individual pages. Your website slowly starts to take shape. 

4. We complete the data input 

First language data input

Data input starts with updating images and text in the first language

Organisation of translations

Translations of all content into other languages is then organised. 

Data input for more languages

Finally, content is updated in the other system languages. 

5. Your website goes online and we train you


We carry out quality checks and put your Re:Guest website online.


After the website goes live, you will receive in-depth training from us so that you can manage and edit your website yourself in future. 

Ongoing support

We will, of course, also provide you with support after the website goes live. We are available at any time for any questions you may have or assistance you may need. 


These hoteliers already have the website that delivers. 

Find out more:

This is how you can improve room sales even more.


Exciting offers: with Re:Guest, you’re creating each offer made-to-measure.


The offer determines your sales success. And so does communication with your guest.

How it works

More direct bookings: but how? Re:Guest links all the contact points with your guest so effectively that you will achieve a higher booking rate without having to do anything.
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