Analyse. Evaluate. Optimise.

If you stop getting better, you stop being good: use Re:Guest analyses and become a high-flyer.

Everything at a glance

Re:Guest informs you of your results continuously and from different perspectives. Fast, precise, comprehensive and always in real time.
Offers and reservations

Offers and reservations

You have access to all analyses for offers, bookings, opening rates, interaction rates, booking rates and sales. These can be filtered by device type and period.
Bookings by arrival period

Bookings by arrival period

With Re:Guest, everything revolves around the booking. This analysis will provide you with details about your reservations and the value created.
Enquiries on the time line

Enquiries on the time line

In which enquiry period are most bookings made? How many days are there on average between enquiry and booking?
These questions and many more questions can be quickly answered with Re:Guest.
Analysis for hotel groups

Analysis for hotel groups

Re:Guest allows you to display all analyses filtered by hotel group or individual hotels. So you can quickly make meaningful comparisons.
Statistics for each employee

Reports by employee

Re:Guest provides you with useful analyses for individual employee performance so that you can better assess reception work.

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