At the heart ❤️‍🔥 of a successful hotel business lies an understanding of the guests – and that's precisely where my Hotel CRM excels. With my specially designed conversational CRM system for the hospitality industry, I transform guest data into valuable knowledge. You can identify individual needs and preferences of your guests, enabling you to create tailored offers and communication that not only delight but also sell.

Turn your guest information into revenue with my Hotel CRM

My CRM provides deeper insights into the desires and habits of your guests, allowing you to precisely tailor your sales strategy to each target audience. Experience how a data-driven approach revolutionizes your guest communication and significantly boosts your sales figures by offering exactly what your guests are seeking and appreciating.
The benefits

Activate your potential

My CRM brings you a whole array of advantages. It helps you improve the Guest Experience, maximize your turnover, and strengthen guest loyalty. I automatize many processes, provide you with detailed analyses and thereby create the base for targeted marketing campaigns. Those could be automated sales with Sales Automation or the mailing of personalized newsletters with Sales Campaigns.
Profiling criteria

Leave everything to me

My CRM system creates guest profiles based on various criteria. These include things like age and place of origin, just like guest status (new or regular), holiday type (family, couple, sports etc.), dietary habits and interests. I even save their past stays, inquiry source, turnover generated and their purchasing power in their profile. I never miss a thing!
How it works

Working 24 hours a day for you

I profile your contacts at different points in time. When they send an inquiry and when they confirm the offer. When they book additional services or fill out their wish list. And even when they interact with my newsletters. So, all the time!

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.


Offers that make your heart 💓 beat faster: With me, every offer is tailor-made.


Selling more with no additional effort: It’s all possible with my Multi PreStay function, which suggests the right additional services 🧘🏻‍♀️ your guests even before their arrival.