I AM C.R.I.S.,

Re:Guest created me to support 🦾 your team. I can answer 99% of the inquiries at your reception for you and even accompany your guest during a booking request. Wow, in addition, I provide them with all the information about the hotel. Just the way you want it! 🌟
Meet C.r.i.s.

I am powered by cognitive artificial intelligence.

My name says it all. C.r.i.s. stands for Cognitive ReGuest Intelligence for Sales. "Being intelligent" is not enough to work with your people. Attention, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making are my strengths. I acquired intelligence and language understanding from Chat GPT by OpenAI.

What makes me uniquely 💎 enchanting?

I am available 24/7 for your guests.

I work day and night and am always accessible to your guests. 

I guide guests through inquiries.

With me, there are no complicated inquiry forms anymore. No, I guide your guest step by step through the inquiry.

Sympathy and style are important to me.

Of course, I don't speak off the cuff. It is important to me to use your language style, elegance, and empathy in my conversations with guests.
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What do I bring for your money? 💸

More direct bookings with up to 99% shorter waiting times.

Booking-relevant questions are answered immediately and multilingually. And that, around the clock!

More direct bookings through better conversation.

Everyone prefers to buy from a competent and charming seller. I answer booking-relevant questions immediately, around the clock, and in multiple languages. The strength in sales lies in dialogue. Even if I don't know the answer, I inform that my colleague will get back soon. I never leave your guest alone with their questions.

More direct bookings through multichannel.

Picking up the guest where they prefer to communicate is no problem for me. You can use me on your website or in your digital guest guide. I can also handle conversations via WhatsApp. I am where your guest is!

More direct bookings through integration of booking engines.

If a guest is in a hurry or I have already convinced them, I can redirect them to the booking engine as per their request. Quick, easy, and always guided – guests love that!
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How does my education 🎓 happen in record time?

I am customizable in every way

Choose my name, appearance, and personality to perfectly adapt to your corporate identity.

I rely only on reliable sources: yours!

I educate myself with the information you provide to always be accurate and precise in my answers: website and landing pages, files and documents, and the data within Re:Guest.

I strictly respect your rules

You guide my actions: based on the type of question, you can define my behavior. And I guarantee always appropriate responses.

You set my level of autonomy

Decide my level of autonomy: I can limit myself to suggesting the answer in the backend, and I only send it after getting your "ok," or you give me full right to respond directly to chat messages, following the rules you have set.

Intelligence is nothing without control 🕹️

The cognitive artificial intelligence of Re:Guest gives me many abilities, but at the same time, you have the opportunity to control my appearance, behavior, and actions. I respond only when you want it and when the answer is correct. You can rely on me!

With Re:Guest's data, I am globally unique.

I communicate with your guest along the entire guest journey. Fortunately, I can access all data from Re:Guest. I know whether your guest is before, during, or after the vacation. I know their preferences and address them specifically on wellness, family, or activities. Even repeat guests are familiar to me, and they require special attention. Re:Guest makes my conversation more relevant and therefore more booking-friendly.


The most important chat channels for your hotels.

Wherever communication with your guest takes place, you can easily use me anytime. I am ready.


When your guest reads the emotional offer, I can gladly answer questions.


During a website visit, your guest often has many questions, I can answer all of them immediately.


Communication via WhatsApp is more direct. I am very adept at using emojis at any time 😍🌈✨

Digital concierge

On-site, I am also in service. I can be integrated into any digital concierge.

QR codes

Your guests scan a QR code and can start chatting with me right away.

My learning time... very fast ⏳

I learn very quickly. You can give me websites and guest guides to learn. You can upload documents to me or manually populate my knowledge database. I make it easy for you, my learning is specifically designed for hoteliers, so you don't waste time, and don't forget: I get better day by day!

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.

Re:Guest Sales Cycle®

The patented evolution in hotel sales. I sell your hotel services 24/7, captivating guests at every step. Effortless, emotional, and automated. 🚀

Why Re:Guest?

Developed for your success, Re:Guest delivers unparalleled innovation. Boost sales with unique software, creating extraordinary guest experiences.

The team

Like team, like software: The whole gang 👨🏼‍🔬 is racking their brains over my recipe for success.