Taking hotel sales to a higher level.

With Re:Guest, the most sophisticated software for high performance sales, you can easily generate more direct bookings and have fun at the same time. Every day.
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Why Re:Guest?

We wanted to radically change the sales logic in the hotel industry: this was our mission from the very beginning. Re:Guest is a cloud-based software that brings your sales to a higher level. It guarantees your sales success at every stage of the Guest Journey.

The Re:Guest Sales Cycle®

Identify and maximise the sales potential of your rooms and additional services at every stage of the Guest Journey. With the Re:Guest Sales Cycle® you seize every revenue opportunity.
Direct Booking Phase
Direct Booking Phase: OFFERS

Offers that make your heart beat

Too often you see static, impersonal offers in e-mail or PDF format. Not with Re:Guest.

The software gives you emotional, website-format offers that convert much better. Each offer is customisable to the profile and needs of the recipient. And this is one of the reasons why Re:Guest significantly increases conversions from offers to confirmed bookings.
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Pre - und On - Stay Phase
Pre & On-Stay Phase: UPSELLER

Additional services that sell themselves

After confirmation of the stay, new sales opportunities are continually lost. Not with Re:Guest.

Based on the profile and preferences of guests, before check-in Re:Guest offers your guests targeted additional services. During the stay, Re:Guest stays present by providing guests with additional information about their holiday. Both steps result in additional sales - attractive for the guest, convenient for you!
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Phase Post - Stay
Post-Stay Phase: POSTSELLER

Revolutionary newsletters that boost guest loyalty

After check-out the guest gets no more attention. Not with Re:Guest.

With Re:Guest, you will keep in touch in an extremely easy and effective way. With Sales Campaigns, for example, you address your guests individually with segmented newsletters. With the Auto Selection module, on the other hand, Re:Guest automatically proposes targeted holiday dates based on the guest's history and profile. In both cases, your guest's attention is captured, pushing them to make the next booking.
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Multichannel Communication

Effective communication is the key to solid guest relations and growing sales success. Whether via WhatsApp, Re:Guest Messenger or your website: you are close to your guests and at the same time show that they can count on you. Re:Guest is the only software of its kind that connects all channels and ensures seamless guest communication.

Always on

For sales to work at all stages of the sales cycle, you need an intuitive and personal communication channel between receptionist and guest. The Re:Guest Messenger has revolutionised all forms of communication: it is the chat that connects your reception with your guest 24 /7 and allows for real-time conversation - even through other channels such as WhatsApp.
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Everything in one place

Every message is managed and saved in a history in the Re:Guest backend. Guests can find all information about their stay and private hotel correspondence in one place: in the Re:Guest Messenger. Through it, they can also access various services, such as online check-in or digital concierge.
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Hotel CRM

Re:Guest's CRM organises your database, automatically profiles it according to the preferences and habits of your guests and uses it for targeted marketing actions. Guest knowledge is the basis of every hotel's success: that is why the CRM is the intelligent heart of Re:Guest.

Valuable guest data

At all stages of the sales cycle, Re:Guest collects, analyses and makes use of information from your guests. This creates a valuable database that you can use for sales and marketing campaigns and for your guest management.
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Targeted sales

Re:Guest saves booking data, preferences and buying behaviour by creating detailed profiles for each guest. Re:Guest's intelligent CRM makes every action segmented and targeted for even more enquiries and bookings at any time of the year. The right information reaches the right guest at the right time and through the right channel.
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It's a fun job

If you have Re:Guest, that's all you want!

No matter what your role: in a hotel, the main task is to make the guest happy. That's why Re:Guest takes care of everything related to communication, guest management and sales. The software is intuitive, intelligent, easy to integrate, relieves you of many recurring tasks through automation and enables smooth communication with guests.

 It is not for nothing that some of our customers have become real fans and can no longer imagine their everyday life in the hotel without Re:Guest. This makes us happy! 
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:Hard Facts

Performance that convinces

With Re:Guest, tens of thousands of enquiries and bookings are processed every day, millions of messages are answered and hotels and guests benefit from real added value.
And that's not all: Re:Guest, the cloud-based sales software, is constantly evolving! Here are the annual results of our +750 customers:
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750+ customers


500,000 direct bookings


7.5 million overnight stays


EUR 800 million turnover


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