:Der Re:Guest
Sales Cycle®

The Re:Guest Sales Cycle® enables you to sell hotel services with maximum success along the entire guest journey.

Direct Booking Phase

Offers that make your heart beat
1: Offers

Emotional and persuasive

With Re:Guest, impersonal and boring offer PDFs are a matter of the past. Instead, you create web-based offers that you can tailor precisely to your guest's needs. Re:Guest profiles guests automatically so that you know exactly which themes, rooms, additional services, etc. a guest would like to see in the offer. The result: more conversions.

Pre- and On-Stay Phase

Additional services that sell themselves
1: Upselling

Make the most of sales opportunities

With Re:Guest, you offer your guests additional services based on their preferences and holiday wishes before they arrive. They are also encouraged to purchase services during their stay. What is an additional service for the guest is an additional source of revenue for you. Win-win!


Revolutionary newsletters that boost guest loyalty
Sales Campaigns
1: Sales Campaigns

Revolutionary Newsletters

Sales Campaigns revolutionises the world of hotel newsletters. Thanks to templates and editing tips, you can create newsletters quickly and easily and personalise them based on the guest profile. Your guests can choose the channel of communication (email or WhatsApp), respond to the newsletter and start a guided enquiry. A high open rate and more conversions are guaranteed.

:The upgrade to the Sales Cycle

The cycle of success is complete: with the Re:Guest CRM and the sophisticated multi-channel communication, you perfect your sales cycle.

All in one

The sales software that has it all
1: CRM

Smart heart

CRM is the smart heart of Re:Guest. At all stages of the sales cycle, it collects and stores guest information and uses it for targeted sales actions and detailed analyses. With the information from the CRM, sales and marketing actions can be taken at any time and generate even more bookings and additional sales.

This is what our 750+ Re:Guest hotels achieve in 12 months

500,000 direct bookings
7,500,000 overnight stays
€800,000,000 in sales
€1,650 average booking value

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This is how you can improve room sales even more.

How it works 

More sales and less effots: but how? Re:Guest links all the contact points with your guest so effectively that you will achieve a higher booking rate without having to do anything.

City Package

Get more efficiency and more sales success in one package! Recommended for city hotels.

Sales Cycle Package

The Sales Cycle Package promises emotion for your guests and more sales success for you! Recommended for leisure hotels & resorts.