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Do I have to install Re:Guest?

No. The ReGuest back office is a web-based solution. So you don’t have to install anything and can access ReGuest anywhere at any time through normal Internet access.

Can I link ReGuest with my hotel management program or my online booking system?

Yes. The offer data is transmitted to ReGuest by the hotel software via an interface. Personalised offers can then be created in just a few clicks. To date, we have provided interfaces to ASA Hotel (version 12.x and above), Protel, Elite, Casablanca and AIDA.Alternatively, ReGuest can also be linked to the hotel management program with the following IBE interfaces: Kognitiv/Seekda, Simple Booking, Hermes, Vertical Booking, Booking Expert, Interalp
More about this under: Re:Guest interfaces

How many languages is Re:Guest available in?

The Re:Guest backoffice is available in German, Italian and English. The guest platform is in German, Italian, English, French, Russian and Dutch.

Can I import into/export from Re:Guest?

Yes, master guest data can be imported once. There are also simple and detailed export functions.

Can I manage several businesses from one single Re:Guest? Is Re:Guest also suitable for hotel groups? 

Yes, several businesses can be integrated into one Re:Guest and each one can be presented in their own colours and logos, i.e. in their own individual corporate design. 

Which interfaces are compatible with Re:Guest? 

Numerous booking processes and hotel programmes can be linked to Re:Guest. You can find more detailed information here.

Can I also use Re:Guest without interfaces?

Yes, Re:Guest is also available without interfaces. In this version, however, prices must be entered manually.


Is the Re:Guest offer also optimally displayed on mobile devices?

Yes, Re:Guest was implemented in a responsive web design. This means that the content is optimally displayed in all resolutions and therefore on all devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop). 

Can I also offer additional services in the offer on Re:Guest?

Yes, you can offer your guest optional services in the offer, e.g. spa treatments, garage parking spaces, excursions, etc.

Can the guest contact me quickly about the offer?

Yes. Re:Guest Messenger is integrated in the offer as well as all other communications. Using this, your guest can  always quickly ask a question and you can give them an answer just as quickly and easily. 

Can the guest see in the offer where my business is located?

Yes, a Google map  – with zoom function – is integrated into the Re:Guest offers.

Do I need a lot of image material for Re:Guest?

As Re:Guest offers should be emotional, image material is very important. Images of ambiences, surroundings and activities help make your guests yearn for a holiday and increase the chance of a booking. 

Can I also incorporate videos or 360° tours into the offer?

Yes, videos and 360° tours can be incorporated into the general offer and for individual room categories.


Can I also record cancellations with Re:Guest? Is there a waiting list?

Yes, you can send cancellations with Re:Guest and also create a waiting list.

Is it possible to carry out marketing campaigns with Re:Guest?

Yes, the plan Postseller (with Auto Selection and Sales Campaigns)  makes it possible to launch specific automatic campaigns. You can find more detailed information here.

Can I also manage queries for function and meeting rooms?

Yes, with Re:Guest MICE you can create offers especially for events and conferences.

Does Re:Guest automatically read queries received via the website or portals?

Yes, there are different technical solutions to send queries directly to Re:Guest.

Can I query master data for all fellow travellers before arrival with Re:Guest?

Yes, using the pre-check-in function, your guest will receive a form in their pre-stay message in which they can enter all the details of their fellow travellers.