I'm the most sofisticated sales software for hotels und my Sales Cycle has even its own patent. Because there’s one thing I’m just better at than others: I sell your hotel services to your guest - around the clock ⏰and in all the sales phases. I know how to do it because I send emotional offers and can be incredibly convincing 😉 and charming. Yes, always, even during Upselling and newsletter dispatch. In fact, I can handle everything automatically 📮.


Phase 1: Information

An enticing offer.

The guest is interested in your hotel. How awesome, I am too 😊! Upon request, I'll gladly create an enticing offer automatically. A dedicated website where the offer is presented. In various versions, with different additional services, infused with so much emotion that the guest can hardly resist. I promise. The best part: I can send the offer via WhatsApp, as that's where they're sure to read it. Now, communication continues until the conclusion.

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Phase 2: Pre-Stay


I love selling. That’s why I don’t stop at the completion of the inquiry. I want more. And so do you. That’s why I contact them before their stay and sell them a ticket to your wine safari, or to your singing bowl seminar, which is so in right now. Because I know everything about it.

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Phase 3: Pre-Stay

On Stay.

Mr. Steward has finally arrived. He wants to know the weather forecast for the week to plan his hiking trips. Find everything in the Digital Concierge linked in the welcome email. And his vacation starts on the right foot!"
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Phase 4: Post-Stay


I do post-selling, without the post. Instead, I use modern strategies. I send birthday wishes, I ask them if they want to book the Sunflower Suite again, before it’s gone, and I am totally back in the sales loop. Good for the guest, good for you, good for your sales.

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In all phases:

Multichannel communication.

Only the one that flirts gets his prize. That’s just how it is. That is why I use all common communication channels, create personalized newsletters, and communicate with your guest in real time. But I have to be honest: lately I’ve been really enjoying WhatsApp💬, since everybody is always online. Good for me, good for you, and for your sales.

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In all phases:

Knowledge is power.And money 💸.

I gather data in all the phases. I save them in my CRM and provide it to you. Only that way you can have personalized communication, and only this way you can sell well. Only rookies would attempt random sales campaigns. Or do you think a young steak lover would enjoy receiving a newsletter about the vegan veterans’ meet-up?

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In every phase:

I'm smart and send out offers automatically 🦾

Thanks to my intelligence, I'm a true sales nerd: I can write, rework, and edit texts like a writing enthusiast. But that's not all! I analyze past stays, know guest preferences, and adhere to your rules. That's how I became capable of creating and sending offers completely autonomously. It's no wonder they call me the best digital seller of hotel rooms.

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A true virtual employee based on Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, answering guest queries, guiding them to booking requests, and supporting your team. 🌟

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